The hosted domains feature of a hosting account refers to the number of registered domains which you can include within the same account. Registering a domain and hosting it are two completely different services although some people consider them to be the same thing. While the registration means you become the owner of a given domain name, the hosting element is what really enables you to have a website since this is where your files and emails will be. Because these are two separate services, you are able to register a new domain with one company and host it with another by changing its name servers (DNS) - the domain name is going to work in the exact same way as if it was registered and hosted using the same company. Also, it is extremely important to know that changing the hosting means pointing the domain to a different company and not transferring it.
Hosted Domains in Cloud Hosting
Our cloud hosting packages feature a different number of domain names that you can host in one account. To have one or a few websites, you won't need a lot of resources, so you don't have to buy a very powerful plan and you can get started with a lower-end one. If you want to have more sites at some point, you can always upgrade your entire package or only the hosted domains function of your current package - it is going to take only a couple of clicks in your hosting Control Panel to achieve that. There's no limit how many domain addresses you can register using our company and by choosing the most suitable plan, you can decide how many of them you'll actually host. If you already have domain names which are registered through a different provider, you are able to host them with us as well and use our web and e-mail hosting services for them.