The accessibility to the customer and technical support that a cloud hosting company provides will tell you a lot about the services which they supply too. When you're allowed to use only e-mail messages and tickets, you have almost certainly found some reseller not the web hosting supplier. When this is the case, you will probably have to wait for a couple of days in order to have a problem resolved as your reseller may not be checking their communication on a regular basis or they may have to get hold of the real hosting company for further help. If the supplier offers you different ways of communication with fast response time which are available at any time, they are most likely the top provider, not only a reseller. Which means that you will enjoy well-timed assistance and top quality support as they'll have immediate access to the servers where your account will be created. Whatever the trouble - sales or technical, it's generally much better to get in touch with your hosting company right away through your preferred way of communication.
24/7 Customer Support in Cloud Hosting
We provide you with 24/7 customer, billing and technical support for all our Linux cloud hosting. Even if you are not our client yet and you have questions, we will help you right away and give you the necessary information, to give you a choice to make an informed decision when you acquire a new website hosting account. We're available anytime, including weekends and holidays, and we provide numerous ways of communication to contact us - live chat, phone, emails and support tickets. To make things easier for you, we now have multiple phone numbers around the world, so you're able to call the one that is closer to you. The maximum response time for the email messages and your tickets is 1 hour. The standard response time is around 15-20 minutes, which means that you can forget about waiting for a few days to get support for some task or issue, whatever its complexity.