Website Installer

Start your own websites with one click

Our hosting plans offer you a rapid way to set up your very own personal website, even if you don’t have any tech skills. Using the Straightforward Site Installer incorporated into the Las Cruces Hosting Hosting Control Panel, developing your personal or business website is unbelievably easy – simply choose the kind of web site you would like along with a preferred website theme. We will install your new website instantly and will send you details on how to manage it with a simple click.

Website Builder

Launch your personal or business websites with just a click

Getting published online is astonishingly easy with the Complimentary Website Building Tool built into your Hosting Control Panel. Just choose a theme from our collection of over 100 business and personal website templates then upload your web site content (images, articles, etc.) with one click of the mouse. In order to put your site online, simply hit the Publish button. It’s that simple. You may use the Website Builder for all the domains within your web hosting account.

Web App Installer

40+ web applications to select from

Installing a web app is usually a long and tiresome procedure. It’s so, unless you have an Web Applications Installer tool with over forty plus available web applications, which you can install with a click. We have made the setup as easy as possible, so you no longer need to loose precious time asking yourself how to set up your web application. We’ll store the login details within the Hosting Control Panel just in case you forget your password.


All the hosting resources and tools that you’ll need for your sites in one single cloud web hosting package

From unmetered hard drive storage space allocations to unmetered MySQL database storage space allowances, each of our cloud hosting plans is loaded with all the features that you will need to launch and control your sites. Each of our cloud web hosting packs is equipped with a host of features that will help you gain total oversight of your websites. Furthermore, your cloud web hosting package is easily and quickly scalable, so that you can update any of the web hosting features that you wish or migrate to a much more powerful hosting plan. Our cloud web hosting packs are entirely risk–free – if you aren’t content with our cloud web hosting service for any reason whatsoever, you can receive a full refund within the first 30 days of your registration.

Web Accelerators

A lot of tools to improve your sites’ loading speed

Integrated in the Hosting Control Panel you will find an array of Website Accelerator Instruments aimed at speeding up your dynamic, database–powered sites. By caching data, these software tools significantly decrease the number of times a database is accessed and thus lower the server load. This will help your web sites open faster and it will reduce the bounce rates. You will be able to choose from among 3 web accelerators – Memcached, Varnish and Node.js.

Web Stats

Hosting Control Panel–integrated website stats

From the Hosting Control Panel, you’ll be able to both manage and keep an eye on your sites. Each and every cloud hosting plan includes an array of web stats interfaces, which you can find in the Online Stats Manager section of your hosting Control Panel. You’ll be able to use the famous AWStats and Webalizer statistics tools or make use of our newly designed elaborate statistics software tool, which has an intuitive web analytics interface. With Las Cruces Hosting, you will see elaborate information related to your website’s traffic and visitors right in your Control Panel.

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